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Double acting mechanical-hydraulic drilling jar
Double acting mechanical-hydraulic drilling jar (SJYZ)

Product Description

SJYZ double acting mechanical-hydraulic drilling jar integrates upward jarring with downward jarring and has all advantages of both mechanical drilling jar and hydraulic drilling jar. It applies to all kinds of drilling operation and be used through combining with drilling tools. When the downhole tools get struck, it can generate upward jarring or downward jarring through lifting and landing drilling strings, and also release meeting resistance and free stick by many times jarring to recover formally drilling operation promptly. Avoid meeting resistance or free stick to become further accident which cause more bigger loss. If releasing force is failed, it can dynamically adjust at any time on sites and be easy to use.

Model OD mm(inch) ID mm(inch) Conn. Max. Tensile Load KN Max. Working  Torque(KN·m) Rate Force
Upward Jarring Force(KN) Downward Jarring Force(KN)
SJYZ121 121(4 3/4 ) 44.5(1 3/4 NC38 1100 15 350±30 250±30
SJYZ165 165(6 1/2) 57(2 1/4) NC50 1500 25 700±30 350±30
SJYZ203 203(8) 70(2 3/4) 6-5/8REG 2600 35 1000±30 500±30

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