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     This is the Help Center of China-ogpe.com. All the following main functions are what we can provide you now. We hope that you will read them carefully and get a clear understanding before using our website.
     Keyword Search
    Search the entire Web for relevant web pages and web sites. This search function offers you faster ways to find the product information you are looking for. You can access a range of features with one simple search.
    Product Directory
    On China-ogpe.com there are about 200 product categories and subcategories in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment made in China. All of them give you detailed information of products and their suppliers. We advise you to use the keyword search to find the product and trade offer information, because it is the easiest way to exactly find what you are looking for. You can search by entering the relevant keywords, and then your query will lead you to a results page, where you can browse relevant links. If your search yields no results, consider revising your keywords or making the search less specific.
     If you are a China supplier and hoping to bring forward your products to the world, first register as a member or VIP Supplier so that you can post the information of company and product to Product Directory successfully.
    If your products are not made in China, you may post them on the Trade Offers.
     Trade offers
    Our Trade Offers is designed for the customers both from China and abroad to post buy, sell and cooperation information.
    Trade Offers directory is also classified into about 200 categories and subcategories so you can browse and search easily. In order to get a more exact search result, you’d better update your information frequently.
    Distributors Wanted
    As a China manufacturer, you can post messages to find distributors or agents of your products for some appointed countries or territories worldwide on the Distributors Wanted.
    Distributorship Wanted
     As a distributor or trader, you may need some products which are made in China and suitable for your market, and you want to distribute the products in your country or territory You can post a message to find the distributorship of the products on the Distributorship Wanted.
    Buying Guide
    As a professional website in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment, you may find a lot of valuable information on oil, gas and petrochemical equipment on “Buying Guide”. While you are selecting and purchasing China equipment, machinery and instrumentation, you may hope to know more about them. “Buying Guide” on China-ogpe.com provides you with detailed and valuable information on definition, working principle, structure, material, classification, performance, process parameter, type selection, application, price and current status in China.
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